Dec 30, 2011

12:28 am

Dec 31
I have a few words for our  “unborn child”.
Please get out! I’m done carrying you in my belly.
No I’m not past my due date I have 18 days, but I’m ready NOW.  I’m excited to meet and snuggle our new baby.  I don’t really sleep @ night anymore and I miss the days of falling into bed and being asleep before my face hit the pillow.  I feel like a crazed insomniac.  There is nothing fun to do at night when the rest of the house is asleep.

I think our blog has suffered as result with random posts and a serious lack of good photos. Sorry.
 I don’t usually look forward to New Years Eve, but I’m not sure I mind this year.  I’m sure I’ll be able to make it till 12 without falling asleep. 
I’m so focused on having this baby I haven’t even thought about resolutions. Probably best to keep them out of my mind, as I know they would all be broken.

Here are a few Instagram photos.  I’ll be browsing Pinterest next!

  Christmas day on way to Grandma and Grandpas.
  Tells me she doesn't like Pomegranate, then eats the whole bowl
 Playing Snakes and Ladders with Uncle Don
  Loved how much my little brother looks like me!
  Joe makes it back from AZ and they bring over Marley's for breakfast!
   Made this hat, but Millie doesn't like hats so I'm not keeping it.
 Putting on her own boots!

Dec 22, 2011

Can't sleep

Here I am again.  Can’t sleep and not sure what to do.
If I were 12 I’d find my mom and have some bread and milk…
Or maybe a roast beef sandwich! Too bad I don’t have any left over Roast beef.

Instead I’m having a piece of wheat toast with @ least 2 tablespoons of butter.  I restrung the lights on the Christmas tree, and I must say it doesn’t look that bad, for a quick job. Here are a few photos- 


Dec 22nd I can’t believe how quickly its come. 
I’m almost done with Christmas shopping! Yay just need to find a
Dollhouse with a baby that bends and a high chair for the Nina!
I’m dreading Toys R Us…
Nate’s gift just needs to be wrapped and a few more loaves of bread to be baked.
Oh and putting the lights back on the tree! Yes they went out!
N8 had to cut them off… talk about looking like the Grinch.
Really would like to have this baby on Christmas.
Millie just came up to me and told me she wants to be “big” like me…
I said you mean like grow up? “Yes, but I can’t watch myself grow up.”
This girl sure asks a lot of questions! Cracks me up.

Dec 13, 2011

Santa isn't real

Let me start with, I was up from 2am to 4am. So I'm probably in no condition to be blogging! 
Truth be told I've wanted to blog about the joys of Christmas and how much I love the music and decorations and homemade goodies. Instead I find myself thinking about Santa.
I happen to think the whole "Santa" thing is a bunch of crap! I'm learning as a parent that kids don't naturally believe in all these fake people (the tooth fairy, Easter bunny etc.) so do why parents push kids to believe in these fake people? 
 Really why?
Millie saw Santa from a distance and it didn’t really do anything for her.  So I have decided, (oh where is Nate in all of this you ask?) He’s at work at the moment and I’m sure once he reads this he’ll really believe I’m the Grinch!  Nope I’m just 8 months Prego! (Kisses) Anyway back to my decision, to teach my child/children that Santa is pretend. As are the rest of those outrageous characters.  I plan to get credit for the gifts, money left under the pillow and stuffing eggs full of candy!   
Don’t worry I’ll tell her to pretend that she believes around other children as to not shatter the web of lies that their parents have taught them! 
Happy Tuesday 

Dec 7, 2011

Ah pregnancy brain

Late night blogging with some pregnancy brain…
When my husband reads this he’ll say “Did you run this in word?”  Yes dear I’m in word now. It just won’t fix my lack of writing skills.

I’ve been trying my best to get my energy back up. I’m sure my levels will peak, as I get closer to the end. Speaking of pregnancy I think about childbirth way too much!  Especially at the end of yoga when were supposed to relax and let our body “soak up the benefits of our practice." I mainly lie there and think about giving birth. Real relaxing huh? This week I’m ultra jealous of CJane. Her latest birthing experience is the best! I think babies at home is great and even better when the person you love the most is the one doing the delivering.  I’m so jealous that my first experience landed me with too much fear to again attempt a home birth.  At least for this one. 

Any way I wasn’t supposed to be blogging about that. Pregnancy brain is in full force this evening.
Millie is potty trained! Yay, she’s awesome, no accidents!
We got our Christmas tree up; I’m learning to love it, even though I really wanted a flocked one.

Nordic N8 is back @ Sundance despite that the Nordic center hasn’t opened yet due to lack of snow. He’s still keeping busy. I’m not too sad that there isn’t enough snow, if I can’t ski then no one should!  I’m enjoying yoga at 3b usually with Aunt Haley.  Speaking of Haley, Millie really loves her and I think it’s extra cute that she always includes her in her bedtime prayers.

Now that I’ve had way too many peanut butter cookies and Jay Leno is distracting me I better be done.  Night!

Dec 4, 2011