Feb 28, 2012

Present Moon

  Here is Millie with the "present moon" behind her. Below is my grandmother Lucy holding Alfie, namesake of her late husband.

Feb 27, 2012


 Last week my uncle Kell passed away. He wasn't Uncle by blood but  all growing up that's what we called him. We had the privilege of attending his funeral this past Saturday, and his was a life worth celebrating. I will miss him greatly but I find comfort in knowing that he is in a better place and with his wife. 

Dix Kell Waddell 

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2/24/1967 ~ 2/17/2012
Kell returned home on the evening of February 17, 2012, joining his sweet wife Michelle. His family, friends and loved ones can rejoice as he is free of physical constraints and ailments that have been part of Kell's special mission here on earth.
Born on February 24, 1967, Kell was hit by a car when he was two years old and spent his remaining 42 years in a wheelchair. Not to be deterred, Kell achieved many things in life, including earning his Eagle Scout, graduating from Cottonwood High School in 1985, serving an LDS mission in downtown Salt Lake City, working as a concert security guard and marrying and being sealed to his sweetheart Michelle Sue Hopkins Waddell who previously passed away September 25, 2003.
Kell lived a full and adventurous life and will be remembered as a close friend and inspiration to many. He enjoyed hobbies including weight lifting (with high school buddies), target shooting (with Bishop Steven DeJohn), hunting (with Justin Peterson), riding four-wheelers (at Don and Kathy Murdock's) and generally "hanging out" and talking with his family, loved ones and friends.
The family is especially grateful for Kell's many wonderful school teachers, church leaders, and home teachers (particularly Jeff and Marsha Lee), Doctors and medical staff (particularly Dr. Terri DeJohn), and many friends and loved ones who have provided selfless service and assistance to Kell, greatly enriching his life.
Kell is survived by his parents Dix and Mary Jean Waddell; in-laws Don and Susan Hopkins; Sister Cate (Craig) Cook, Emily Cruff (Kyle Freimuth), Lauren (Timothy) Flowers, and Nicholas and Madison; brother Dee (Noriko) and Dee Kei, Ashley, Danny, and Chelsea; and Michelle's siblings and their children.
Viewing will be 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday February 25, followed by the service at 1:00 p.m. at Monument Park 11th Ward, 1565 Foothill Dr., Salt Lake City. Interment with Michelle at Larkin Sunset Gardens (1950 East 10600 South). Messages and tributes to the family can be posted at:

Feb 24, 2012


Last night Alfie and Didier met for the first time. Destined to be best friends just like their dads.  

Feb 23, 2012

Photo Booth

My baby love 

Feb 22, 2012

The real deal

The day we got married is coming up for the first time since we got married four years ago! Leap day baby! I'm so excited to celebrate the past four years with my awesome husband. 

Feb 18, 2012

My own fault

I fear I've created a monster.  My sweet daughter refuses to try new food and I'm afraid she has the picky eating habits her mother once had. 
 When I was a young girl the list of things I wouldn't eat was so long it's amazing that I survived. Well at least till about age 12.
  Today It was brought to my attention when Millie wouldn't have a bite of some fresh Pineapple, even when I told her she was crazy and that this Pineapple came directly from Hawaii to our house!(Thanks to Grandma Millie.) No matter how good I tried to make it look she was completely disinterested. 
 She also claims she doesn't like meat. What she really means is, I don't like meat unless it's a chicken nugget or hot dog. What have I done? 
 Here she is enjoying some cookies. Her favorite foods include anything with sugar! Thanks to Kristi for these yummy cookies. Blue for our new baby boy. 

Feb 17, 2012

Last Morning

    Millie has been making me laugh quite a bit lately.  The other day she came out and told me that her "pant sleeve" keeps coming up. Boy do I love that girl. Her positive attitude is so refreshing. She just told me that it's a lovely day to have blackberries. What a funny girl she is.  Baby Alfie is doing great, changing everyday and loving to be held as much as possible. How lucky am I? 

Feb 8, 2012


 This month is extra special for our family. Our first "real" anniversary is this year! I love leap year! 
I can't wait to celebrate our 4 years together.  Having just had a new baby we will celebrate family style.  
 What could be better than a family ski and some grub from the Foundry grill?
 Now if only could find something to give my ranger for Valentines... 
Better get clicking away to see what I can find. 
 Here is a cute little video of Millie learning to cook. She hates getting dirty so I absolutely love this!

Feb 4, 2012

A new dew

 Ranger Nate finally got me to cave in and cut his hair. I was worried i'd miss his beautiful locks, but i'm loving the new look!  
                 I sure do love this man.