Mar 31, 2011

Goodbye March

I hate to see this month come to an end. It's been a very fun and productive month for our family. Well by productive I mean I've cooked a lot and skied a lot.

I guess some may not see it as productive but it is for me. I finally got my seedlings started. For one reason or another I am always behind when it comes to planting my garden. I also want to plant enough to feed a small army! I don't know why, but I LOVE fresh produce from the garden more than any thing (of course not more than my husband or child).

I would like a gigantic garden someday that I can sit smack dab in the middle of and see all my lovely fruits and veggies and fresh herbs! Oh, it's going to be the best! I'm really not sure how this post turned into me and my fantasy garden...moving on...We got Mills a little school desk this week and she is loving it! 

What did I cook you ask..?  Swedish potatoes and homemade chocolate cake! The first time I made these items we took them to my Aunt's house for dinner. I left both of the left overs there. Nordic N8 was not pleased with this. Oops.   

So I made them again...

I say to N8: "Let's take half of this chocolate cake over to your parents" 

N8: "Oh yeah, and why don't we start giving away some of your clothes and stuff while we're at it."

I guess he doesn't like to share his Chocolate cake...

I'm hoping to make yet another chocolate cake to take over to the Hawkes' next week. 

 I made fruit leather too! I didn't take any photos yet but I will. I also started Ree's book and am planning to get a new cook book. 

Life is good. Now that N8's season is coming to an end maybe he can get off his injured foot and finally get better! Poor guy has been hurt for a few weeks now. Maybe he should have gone with a hard cast...

Last night when I returned home from work I came in to see Millie, who always wants to surprise you when you get home, shout her normal "Surprise!" and then "flowers and chocolate!"  She and Daddy picked out some beautiful yellow and white flowers for me.

I'm pretty sure the chocolate was for another day but she couldn't wait to tell me about it and to give it to me. Thanks cute husband and baby. 

Mar 24, 2011


What a fun weekend we had with these kids! It's been a long time since we had seen Haley, Nick & Mema , so it was really nice to spend a few days catching up and hanging out.  It was nice to see Joe too, even though he wasn't visiting from out of state, but from a few towns north.  Hope you can come back soon! I know how much you loved the gray skies and cold winter weather.

Being 2 is an exhausting  job!

Mar 17, 2011

The Power of Three

And a Mouse. What a crazy week it's been.  I should mention these photos have nothing to do with my lovely commentary.  On Monday I woke up with a raging toothache and an extra dose of hormones and instantly began crying and calling dentists.  I knew I needed an extraction and with no dental insurance, I wasn't sure how I was going to find someone quickly who was both cheap and good. Luckily Nordic N8 arranged a great dentist who would do it cheap and could see me at 3pm that same day! Yes, Thank you!
When N8 returned home that evening he informed me that his foot,"may be broken"!  Oh great!  I've learned that when my husband tells me he has an injury it's already serious.  He's incredibly tough and has a very high threshold for pain!  After a visit to our friendly neighborhood Doc, he returned home with a removable plaster splint/cast (I have no idea what it's really called).  "This should be a fun night!"  Indeed, it did turn out to be fun.  Since N8 is so sweet he offered to go get me a shake and fries and to take Millie with him.  Yes!  Alone in the house, a little break for me.  Or so I thought.  About 10 min into being alone I discovered I wasn't alone. I glanced over just in time to see a mouse run behind the entertainment center!  Ew!  For the record I don't do mice.  I called N8 and he told me I had to kill it.  Are you crazy?  Long story short...the mouse did die. (Sad) In a trap, not by way of broom or anything crazy, however, now we have a few mouse traps around the house.
I had a mom instinct that told me our little Lady was going to get into one of these.  Sure enough, last night I heard the snap and I knew it wasn't a mouse but poor Millie's finger.  Luckily it just barely nicked her and not even 5 minutes later she was laughing about it.  It almost gave me a heart attack! I do not look forward to any more moments like this.
Evan, Millie and Chloe getting ready to ski.

Mills is on her very own skis.

Me pulling Chloe and Millie.  Not gonna lie, it was heavy!

Mar 16, 2011


    Mills turned 2 last weekend and we had a great time celebrating this sweet little lady!  I really should have taken photos but with our cameras both being broken and slow and our computer the same it doesn't encourage me to do so.  Luckily Jan brought her camera and took some photos for us.  Thank you for that.  I also didn't dress her up.  Is it bad that even I don't think she looks that cute?  I mean don't get me wrong, she is the cutest thing ever!  I just should have done her hair or put a dress on her.  Oh well.  I guess she's well received with her messy hair and darling smile.  She sure has grown up fast.  This week she's been telling me, "Mom, my favorite color is chocolate."  Oh great!

Mar 9, 2011

Lovely March

Homemade Puff Pastry.
Made a Graceful cut into my finger @ work.
This girl is a coloring machine!
Nordic N8 brought his Ladies some pretty flowers.

Mar 3, 2011

Happy Birthday

 Today my sweet little brother is turning 22! I hope you have a great day! Best wishes to a fabulous 22.

Sundance Nordic Center 2011