Dec 29, 2010

My favorite Christmas gifts...

And people together in a photo.

Day before Christmas - Head to Jan and Jeff's to see them and Laurie+Adam
Love, Love the Hat and Gloves! Thank you. The Boots are the other favorite and that is thanks to our wonderful Western enthusiast friends Chase and Kristi+ Baby Finn.
Baby Finn is darling BTW...

These photos remind me of a Christmas story ....
I love these sweet kids. They are 9 months apart and have a fabulous time entertaining one another!
Connor and Millie Dec 24, 2010 I can't believe we actually got them both looking!

Dec 2, 2010

We did it

Moving day is over and I'm so glad. It's been 2 years since our last move. It really was awful. I didn't realize how hard it could be to move with a 20 month old. Boy was I wrong. I should have taken sweet Aunt Amy up on her offer to take Mills for the day. Instead I thought,"Oh no big deal, we can do it!" Yeah right! My sister in law Melinda was willing to watch her which made me feel so good and bad as Melinda is due with her 6th baby! Her Mom skills are awesome but I really felt bad leaving Mills there to be more work. I know she had a great time with them. It was much better than me yelling at her to "stay in this room, this room only and if you come out or stop watching Elmo then you are in trouble." Uh ... I'm such a great Mom this week. I think I've said enough ...
The photos are from the past few weeks of packing and unpacking Millie from whatever box, bin or set of drawers she put herself in. We saw lights with friends on Temple Square. It was so beautiful. It's been years since I've been. It was really nice. Yesterday we spent around 7 hours cleaning and getting the rest of the move completed. I was taking Millie to grab a corn dog for lunch (I know real health food) and on the way she opened a loaf of bread packed next to her carseat before I could stop her!
We couldn't have moved without all of the generous people who came and lifted and lugged all of our stuff! Kyle, Talley, Joe, Christy and Josh! Thanks so so so much! Really...Thank you!!!

Nov 16, 2010

Is it time yet ?

* This is what I wish we were doing today!
Dust off your ski's and get ready for winter!

Nov 4, 2010

Oct 11, 2010

Afternoon in the Canyon

We came prepared to fish, but ended up catching rays instead. There's nothing wrong with inactivity as your activity, so long as you are in the right place with the right people.

Here is a sample of photos taken of Millie throughout the afternoon.

Millie playing Peek-A-Boo (travel edition).

This shot sums up this little place we have made a tradition of visiting. For whatever reason, it usually goes unnoticed and we have it to ourselves.

Nature Nan, beautiful as always.

If it weren't for her excitement, her camo would allow her to blend right in.

How's your vision? Better than...a hawk? Good eyes Mandy on this one.

You've gotta know I'm happy in this photo.

Millie took turns hugging Mommy and Daddy while Mommy and Daddy took turns taking pictures of it.

My beautiful (and colorful) wife and daughter.

A cute shot of an independent little cub, with Daddy not too close by.

Oct 7, 2010


** We have been fishing a few times this year and I have not been able to keep up posting the photos. This is last week when we went to Payson lakes and it was absolutely gorgeous! The 1st photo is what a monkey does! Just in case you were wondering. **

Sep 10, 2010

Hospital undies

Had surgery on Wednesday and I must say the best part about it is these stylish new undies they have! Also my hospital gown which was disposable had a little vent which attached to a heater to keep me nice and toasty. Plus Ranger N8 brought me flowers. He is truly the sweetest man alive! Thanks for taking such good care of me babe! xoxo

Aug 23, 2010

JDRF Walk 2010

* Thanks for walking, we can't wait for next year!
I am grateful for our friends and family that supported us on this walk , it has been a very fun way for us to participate in research for diabetes! The walk was at Wheeler farm this year, which was great for the kids! Pigs , horses and chickens were just a few of the animals along the route . They also put up kids photos who have been diagnosed recently with diabetes along the route . This is a good reminder of why we are walking ! Thanks - Denise, Rachelle, Suzy ,Connor , Stan, Jon , Mema , Millie !

August 21, 2010 *