Nov 29, 2011

Coat drive

From now till Christmas we are doing a coat drive @ Metropolitan salon. 
I'm offering a discount of $15 off women's haircuts when you bring in a coat to donate.
Feel free to pass this info along to any one and everyone!
Please call me or text me to pre-book so I know if you are bringing a coat!

Nov 28, 2011


Big Girl Panties...

The Nina has been doing some growing up 'round here. The last few days she has been going on the “potty”. Luckily, Dad’s been home to deal with the aftermath...if you know what I mean.  

Today I was not so fortunate. As I was trying to scarf down my Frosted Flakes as fast as humanly possible, she announced that she had done her business. Oh yay! Nothing says breakfast like dumping contents from one potty to the next. When I went to clean it up she told me that some “got on the edge”. She wasn’t lying. It really did get on the edge and for some reason all I could think about was the Lady Gaga song "I’m on the Edge of Glory."  Seriously, I am. I’m so glad she is growing up and I’ll be so glad to not change diapers on a 2 year old. 

Nov 8, 2011

On my mind

Pregnancy brain….
I have a serious case of this going on right now.
I’m thinking of way too many things at once.
First thing is that I really want some Snickers ice cream, and a big glass of water.
I’ve been thinking a lot about how Millie wont be an only child anymore. It makes me happy and sad all the same time. 
 She’s growing up too fast.  She’s started asking why to just about everything! Why are you cutting Joe’s hair? Because it’s too long. Why? Because it grew out. Why?
She calls confetti “Freddies” claiming I call it that as well.  She says “Last morning” instead of yesterday.  She also asks for a drink of water no less than 4 times when we put her to bed. Anything to prolong the process! 
Last night she came into our bed @ 3am and in the midst of playing with my hair told me  “I love your short hair mom”
Never mind on the ice cream (I got too lazy) Nutter butters instead.
I know I had more I was going to write about but the pregnancy brain is taking over. Oh, I remember, I read something from Cjane today that I liked. It was about pregnancy and sushi.  Sometimes I really appreciate her relaxed sensible style. 
I happen to like sushi too. 
I also need to get things in order for the upcoming babe.
I need to get a car seat, stroller, and some type of bed or crib for the little squirt to nap in.  Not to mention all the other little things… binkies, bottles, diapers, nose sucker, little socks.  Not really going anywhere with that just my to do list.
On that note I really have a lot more on my mind and my to do list.
Mail gift for baby Henry, I really have been driving around with it in my car for weeks now!  Clip mounds of coupons.  Get house organized (never ending chore)
Wash my car.  Find gift for baby Renfro. Uh Christmas…
Watch more Oprah Life class, I’m obsessed with her shows! 
A photo to end -

                    My Cowboy nina

Nov 7, 2011

Featured Stylist

I'm the featured stylist @ the salon this month! Head on over here
 I'll be taking some new clients this month so feel free to call or text me for a hair appointment @ 801-494-9462