May 26, 2011

The many faces of my nina

 Daddy put her hair in a pony tail and she just
loves to check out how she looks. 

 One of our last ski days.
 Special for our cute friend Christy!
I was pretty surprised when Millie wanted to touch this cute little snake. No thanks for me but glad Millie is embracing our outdoor creatures.

May 24, 2011

To my husband

 I love you. I have really missed you today. With that being said I will tell you I can NOT have any more stainless steel bottles in my house!            

  I WILL NOT Wash them one by one **
                       I will NOT wash them with my hands
               * I love the colors, Orange and Blue **
                  My world map one too. But my sweet love, 
            I will NOT wash them here or there 
     I will not wash them anymore! 

            I sure do love that they're Eco friendly 

 They're just not Nan friendly!
I think the greatest invention of all time is the DISHWASHER! 
I wish everything was dishwasher safe, then I'd never have to do any by hand.


 Cell download. It's been a busy few weeks round here. Mother's day was nice, although the day ended with a small flood to our bedroom, we still managed to have some fun. We headed to Sundance for some Nordic skiing in the rain! On the days it's been sunny we've been able to get out a bit and play in the forest. Millie started swim lessons and is doing pretty good. We finally got her to blow bubbles with her mouth in the water thanks to a very useful underwater whistle. Which as Ranger Nate points out it's really a funny concept, who's gonna hear your whistle if your under water? 

Any way, Ranger Nate returned to his job with the forest service and will have an extremely busy summer. He has only been on a few trails, as this is only his second day back and already he has several photo's of trees down and bridges washed away. Better him than me!

 I also discovered rock climbing. I'm not sure why I have never tried it but I sure do like it!

 Millie is really into "helping" these days. I was at the bank drive through yesterday and as I was signing some checks she proudly announced from the back seat, "I wanna help, I can spell!" aw it's nice to have a little helper around!

May 1, 2011


This weekend I discovered my husband's cheeks. 

Nice to meet you.  Whoa it sure is bright out here!

Don't get any ideas, he will NOT be cutting his hair or shaving again anytime soon! Btw- he has the most adorable cheeks!