Feb 28, 2011

Happy 3 Years

This weekend we celebrated three years of marriage. We skied and ate brunch @ Sundance.  I feel so lucky to be able to celebrate where it all started.  I'm so grateful that I get a husband who is so inspiring and loving. Thank you for our life together and all the fun times. I'm one lucky lady!

  The snow conditions are amazing @ Sundance,  If you are thinking of skiing this weekend I would strongly recommend you get your tail feathers up Provo Canyon and come skiing.

Feb 23, 2011

Almost 2

Today it occurred to me that Mills is just a few weeks away from turning two.  Where does the time go?  She is so cute and sweet.  It's a pleasure to be her mom.  She does and says so many things that make me laugh.

On Valentine's Day she ate a whole chocolate covered strawberry. Just for the record I didn't really want her to have it, but a person offered it to her before asking her parents.  I just love it when that happens.  Anyway...yes the whole strawberry including the greens! Today I was feeding her strawberries (no chocolate) and she started eating the greens again! This from the girl who won't even try Mommy's strawberry (covered in cream and brown sugar). Mm mm!  Go ahead, eat those greens...more sugar for Mommy.  

I let her color with markers...I should have learned my lesson by now. 

We ran errands today.  First, to Costco then to Rite-Aid.  I bought myself some truffles...I'm addicted to Lindt truffles.  Seriously addicted!  As I put Millie in her car seat she began thrashing about and yelling that she was..."poopy!"  Ew, I don't want to change a poopy in the Rite-Aid parking lot!  I checked into it a bit more only to find there was no poopy.  She made it up!  She made a beeline for the drivers seat as soon I went to check her.  "I dwive, I go Nordic Cener Mommy!"  Nice!  My 1 year old is making up dirty diapers to get behind the wheel! 

I then took her to Jamba Juice, where she had her first fruit smoothie. Mango-a-go-go.  It's the best flavor!  She loved it and was so happy after I made it "work" for her.  When I asked her the first time how it was she said,  "It's no working."  It was a little thick but it's a good thing I was there to fix it for her!

                                                       Saw these sweet jeans at Costco!

Feb 20, 2011

The Best Month

I have decided that February is my new favorite month! Once a summer fanatic, I now find myself in love with winter.  N8 has always loved winter and I thought he was crazy until I started Nordic skiing.  It's such a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature.  I simply can't get over the beauty of the mountains here.  I ski the same trails 5 days most weeks and still never get sick of it.  I love taking Millie with me and enjoy the challenge of pulling her in the Chariot.  It makes me feel like someday I'll be close to N8 and his incredible endurance and skill.  The man is a ski machine and I have to work hard to keep up! 

Another reason this month has been so great is because the other day I got a fabulous surprise in the mail.  A tradition in my family is when my Grandparents go to live in Hawaii for the winter months and send us fresh pineapple from Maui!  It is my favorite!!  It is so thoughtful and it really makes me smile.  Millie was skeptical at first as she has never tried it but she seemed to enjoy it.  I ate so much in one sitting that my mouth was sore for hours.  Ooops!

Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays and this year it was lovely.  We had a nice family ski.  Mills slept through most of it so Nordic N8 and I took turns doing loops and taking photos and let Mills nap in the Chariot.  It was nice.  I got lots of chocolate and we made a nice dinner and played scrabble and for the first time I lost.

Last but not least, our Anniversary.  I love celebrating with N8.  He is such an inspiring husband.
I look forward to the years ahead, I feel great about the years in our past and I love the present.

Millie is making us smile more and more each day.  She's getting very opinionated about the way her clothing fits.  She learned to say, "It's too tight.!" or "too small!"  Great!  "Mom my boots is too tight!"  "I take my shoes and socks off, they too tight."

Feb 17, 2011

February = Fun

 It's been an awesome month so far. We spend almost every day skiing at Sundance and enjoy the winter so much, I'll be heart broken when it's over.

 With N8's computer still down and no memory available on mine and both cameras barely hanging on, it makes posting a blog somewhat challenging but I'm doing the best I can.  So here are a few photos from the last week or so .  We were able to attend the Owling event at Sundance and even though the photos aren't amazing these birds are!

Feb 7, 2011

Family Ski Party

 Conditions have been fantastic this year at the Sundance Nordic Center.  We were grateful for the perfect weather on Saturday and delighted to go for an afternoon ski with Uncle Jonny, Uncle Joe, Aunt Maggie and Grandpa Nielsen.  This was Jonny's first time on skinny skis.  He's a natural.  Maggie's skiing is really coming along.  Her uphill skiing is awesome, her attitude is awesome and this time we were able to see her improve her snowplow skills to the point of braving it down "Connor's Climb" with minimal assistance.  Joe is really loving the sport.  I don't think I saw him sweat a drop, despite the warm temps.  Even Grandpa managed to avoid breaking a hip.  Actually Grandpa is a real nature lover and a pleasure to ski with.  Millie loved playing in the snow with Maggie in Elk Meadow, while Uncle Jonny climbed Quakies.  If I don't do something to slow Mandy down, I'm at risk of losing the Fastest Skinny Skier in the Family Title.  Man, she's really gotten to be a skier.  What a ski party it was!  

Feb 2, 2011

Happy lovers month

 These photo's are a sad tribute to our week ,  we had AMAZING veggies that Dad n' Lisa gave us for N8's birthday. Millie has been hilarious, taking her dolls with her everywhere and saying the funniest things. For example,  she crawled onto my lap and pulled the hood from my sweat shirt down and said, "It's dark in here".  Sundance has been incredibly beautiful this week and  I haven't taken the camera with me at all.  If you haven't come to ski with us then I strongly suggest that you come asap!