Aug 28, 2011


                                             A trip to the salon with mom.
                                           Showing "herself to myself"
                                             So many tomatos
                                              Love to see the Ranger in the garden
                                           Her 2nd pony ride,  I know it's a mom thing but I actually
                                       think she looks very natural ridin these creatures. After her
                                           ride she thanked the pony for the nice time.
                                            She had a great time with Jimmy and meeting baby Dylan.

Aug 24, 2011

I heart Instagram

Part 1 cell phone download.

Aug 16, 2011

Weekend fishing

 The Ashby family joined us for a lovely day of fishing.  We may need to rethink going with them next time, as Evan is the only one who catches any fish when we do! 

Aug 11, 2011


Why I'm smiling today

Today I woke up to a sweet note, from the sweetest man I know. 

Sorry to leave you short on coffee.  I needed it and I figured you could make more if needed.  You look sweet in bed with Millie.  Thanks for taking care of her early this morning.  You are a really good, patient Mother.  I'm lucky.  I wish I could stay and be with you today.  I am already about 15 min. late.  I love you supa much.  I hope your day is good to you.  

LOVE, Love, love,

Aug 3, 2011


                            A few funny things from this girl the last few weeks.

      As soon as she finished her treat she told me she didn't want to eat ice cream cones anymore because "I got too sticky."

A while back the little nina was in the car with Dad when they pulled up next to a flashy car with a very loud stereo system and a pimped out driver to match.  She said, "Maybe he's in a marching band!"
Last night in a act of desperation to stay up past bed time she yelled from her room that she needed o.j.
After a few more times she declared she needed the o.j. for her blood sugar!