May 27, 2012

Score 1 for the Big Guys

Having located the point of origin as it relates to the mouse in the house and having taken the measures to fill that point of origin with "Great Stuff" expanding foam sealant, all that remained to be accomplished was the actual capture of the intruder.  With what scant tools were available at hand and no choice of driving to the store, due to a substantial amount of newly accumulated snow, we loaded one sticky trap with an irresistibly tasty meal...peanut butter granola bar...then off to bed to see what dreams may come true.  Score 1 for the big guys.  The early rising morning sun brings with it happy surprises, not the least of which is more snow and as goes without saying, the departure of an unwanted house guest.

Already the list of "Things Needed" from town has begun, despite only half a day having lapsed since our last trip there.  Such errands will have to wait though.  Mother Nature has plans for us and we have no choice but to oblige.

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