May 26, 2012

The Adventures of Nan & Nate

Today was the second day at our new home. 
9 thousand 200 feet! At this very moment Ranger Nate is cleaning and sealing off the area behind our fire place.  As I was sitting on the couch just a few minutes ago getting ready to write this lovely blog post he informed that a mouse had just run under the couch I was sitting on! Fabulous. I do not care for mice and will now spend the night looking for a cat online. Other than this, our days here have been good. Today it snowed. Nate took Millie for a sleigh ride down the road and then for a quick spin on the John Deer Gator. She loves playing outside rain, snow or shine. We have 8 million boxes to unpack and I'm trying my best to get a move on. I am so grateful for all the help we had moving this last week. I hope all who helped know how much it meant to us. Thanks again! I was going to upload a photo but my cord to connect my phone to the computer is over where the mouse was... you understand?! Nighty night!